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Beautiful And Unique Wedding Gifts - 9th November 2015

Being a guest at Christmas wedding can be a lot of fun. Since you’re likely to already be in a festive mood, it’s easy to get caught up in the celebratory atmosphere. From mulled wine to roast dinners for the after party, it’s a really exciting time of year for weddings.

Finding the perfect gift, however, can be more difficult. There is so much more choice at this time of year, but, nonetheless, it can be hard to find something completely unique.

That’s where Personalised Keepsake Boutique come in...

If you’re looking to find beautiful and unique wedding gifts, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re attending a pre-wedding party, why not give a personalised wedding guest frame? That way the happy couple can record the name of every guest at their venue. It’s guaranteed to bring a smile of recognition in years to come, and is the perfect gift to hang on the wall of a new home.

Each wedding guest frame has either a white or black background, and is easy to personalise. Choose a photograph of your choice and once the wedding pics are developed, an alternative picture can easily be slipped in its place.
For more about this product simply click here.

Personalised Memory Box - 26th October 2015

Is it the first Christmas when your little-one can speak? Is it likely to be the first Christmas they will remember?
Why not celebrate with a beautiful personalised memory box?

At Personalised Keepsake Boutique, we have everything you need to make this Christmas truly special. With our bespoke hand-crafted boxes, friends and relatives will know that you’ve given them your full thought and consideration.

Among our range is a wonderful Christmas Eve box, for your special boy or girl. This large customised box is a beautiful way to kick off celebrations and get children truly excited. It can be filled with anything from Pyjamas to DVDs, chocolate treats and cookies for Santa. After all, waiting for the big day can be difficult! This will really spark off their anticipation like nothing else.

Made of strong rigid board and decorated with a beautiful ribbon along with your child’s name, it’s a gift that can be re-used every year.

We also have a number of personalised gifts to celebrate any wedding, hen night or christening.

Why not see our Christmas Eve box today?

Where to Get a Personalised Hen Night Guest Book - 28th September 2015

Hen nights are often raucous affairs. Indeed, it would be a travesty if they weren’t! Whether you choose a pub crawl or a party at home, it’s your last chance to enjoy single life. It’s also an opportunity to let go and enjoy yourself, often with a few glasses of wine.

If you want a record of the night, why not get a gorgeous guest book? After all, it’s not where you go, but who you’re with, that makes a great Hen Party.

Before your friends and family are lost to champagne, record their well wishes with Personalised Keepsake Boutique. With our beautiful guest book, memories of the night won’t be lost. Within its pages, you can collect either signatures or messages to make you smile in years to come.

Alternatively, why not collect remnants of the night? You can then store them in our stylish Hen night keepsake box. Whether it’s a comedy item or special gift, they’ll be safe in this beautifully decorated box. It could also make an unusual gift for the bride-to-be.

We also sell a range of items to suit any occasion. From Christening Guest Books to Anniversary gifts, our unique gifts will make any occasion memorable. 


Personalised Christening Memory Box - 14th September 2015

No matter the time of year, a christening is a wonderful event. Celebrating the beginning of a new life, it is one of the most uplifting ceremonies. When you’re at the church, it’s hard not to feel that sense of renewal and hope. Full of symbols of a new life, it can make one feel positive about new beginnings, especially if you’re attending in autumn or the New Year.

Despite declining church attendance, this event is still popular. The Church of England carries out more than 10,000 christenings a month.

Whether it’s a niece, cousin or your own baby, a Personalised Memory Box is a great way to celebrate. It commemorates the new name of a child, while providing a gift to cherish a lifetime. 

Personalised Keepsake Boutique have the perfect gift for any christening. Our memory boxes are the perfect way to store photos, jewellery or anything else. Made of strong white cardboard, it’s available with powder blue or soft pink trimmings. With a gorgeous pram motif and a scattering of diamantes, it can have wording of your choice.

To purchase a memory box click here.


Wedding Guest Frame - 31st August 2015

Weddings guests are those that make your big day complete. It’s only natural you want to record each and every presence. After all, it’s not easy to give everyone your full attention on the day. Since everybody’s handwriting is unique, a collection of people’s messages is a great way to celebrate.

At Personalised Keepsake Boutique, we specialise in personalised products.

Why not consider our personalised wedding signature frames? This is a fantastic alternative to a guest book, and much easier to exhibit in the home. It means that when friends and family visit, they’ll feel a real part of your union. As the years pass, it’s also a poignant reminder of those that attended.

Our wedding signature frames come in a variety of styles. That includes black or white mount, with silver, white or black frames. You also have the option of either landscape or portrait. In the centre will be a photography, the lettering underneath which can be personalised.  An informal shot can be used initially then easily replaced later on.

To explore this range simply click here.


Personalised Wedding Guest Book - 17th August 2015

Are you getting married this autumn? If so, it’s important to remember every aspect of your special day.
From the photographs to little mementoes, it’s one of the most poignant days of your life. It’s also a chance to see the people you love most: your friends and family. However spending quality time with every guest is sometimes difficult. Often it’s hard to make everyone feel included.

A personalised wedding guest book is one way to record every person who participated. It also gives every person a chance to write something memorable. Annotates can be creative or reflective depending on their preferences. It’s a feature guaranteed to be treasured in later life.

At Personalised Keepsake Boutique, we want to help you celebrate this special event. Our personalised guest books add a touch of luxury to any wedding. White and beautiful like the bridal gown, this guest book has various different designs. One consists of shimmering 3D butterflies and pearls, with wording of your choice.

Other designs feature flowers or hearts, all of which are equally stunning.

Measuring 24.5cm x 17cm x 9cm, it contains 22 pages.

To discover more today, simply click here.


Personalised Keepsake New Born Memory Box - 3rd August 2015

There is nothing more special than a new born baby. This little person is right at the beginning of their journey, and at their most vulnerable.

Not only adorable, new born babies are also fascinating. But buying gifts for this stage of life isn’t always easy. Why not collect memories of this special time, with a personalised keepsake memory box?

As any parent will tell you, this is a stage that doesn’t last for long. And since we’re often tired as new parents, it’s often hard to remember the good times.  When opening up a memory box years later, parents might well be surprised and delighted.

At Personalised Keepsake Boutique, our boxes are a beautiful way to preserve memories.

Coming in both ‘pram pink’ and ‘pram blue’, you can add personalised wording (whether it’s their name, date of birth or nickname). Made of strong rigid material, it’s guaranteed to survive the years to follow. The flap of the box has a magnetic lid, to ensure everything is stored safely.

Unique, beautiful and intricate, this is the perfect gift for baby showers, christenings or new parents. To take a peek, simply click here.

Personalised Anniversary Memory Box - 20th July 2015

Memories are precious things. Probably one of the most precious things we own. That’s why memory boxes are so perennially popular. You might have had a grandmother who kept one, stored under her bed. Full of little knick-knacks, they are often a treasure trove for families.

When you’re in a couple, it’s often the little things that mark time. Collecting a feather on a happy day on the beach, the first letter you exchanged, your favourite photograph together. After all, when you love someone a memory becomes a treasure.

When put together in a memory box, it makes for one special anniversary present. Delving into your own past, you often find special reminders you had long forgotten. It’s your own magic box to the past, providing an instant hit of nostalgia and wistfulness.

For the most beautiful memory box, simply visit Personalised Keepsake Boutique.

No matter which anniversary you’re celebrating, our personalised anniversary memory box is the ideal gift. However, it is particularly suited for a 50 year anniversary. Since many couples don’t reach a golden wedding anniversary, it is certainly something to celebrate. A memory box is something which can be handed down, from generation to generation.

To discover more, simply click here.

Personalised New Born Memory Box - 6th July 2015

Bringing a child into this world is a special event in anyone’s life. Whether you go through it only once or four times, the poignancy of the event doesn’t diminish. If you’re entering parenthood for the first time, however, it’s likely to feel your whole world has changed.

If you know someone who’s lately welcomed a new life, why not give them a Personalised New Born Memory Box? Or if entering the wonderful world of parenthood yourself, it’s a lovely investment for collecting those special items for later years.

At Personalised Keepsake Boutique, our special Keepsake/Memory Boxes are the ideal gift for christenings or baby showers. These beautiful boxes are white and available with either pink or blue pram motif. Made of strong rigid board, the flap has a concealed magnetic closure to keep your little treasure trove safe.

Our gorgeous design includes a pram, scattering of diamantes and wording of your choice. All our products are personalised free of charge and are of the highest quality.

Babies don’t stay babies for long, so make sure you treasure the memories for a lifetime.

 To discover more about our Memory Boxes, simply click here.
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